From the appendix of Live Pterosaurs in America: Eskin Kuhn’s sighting in Cuba How rare the ropen pair, in daylight, daring sortie in the air! Notwithstanding rarity, two long- tailed intruders flew over the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, mesmerizing the marine Eskin Kuhn. The eyewitness, now living in Ohio, I interviewed early in 2010, by phone. How fortunate that Eskin Kuhn was the marine who stood outside the new barracks on a particular sunny day around mid-July, 1971! While the other marines were hanging out inside, this talented artist was enjoying the lovely weather and looking out toward the ocean. He would soon be dashing inside to grab a sergeant to be a second witness (too late), and would soon thereafter sketch, by memory, what he had seen with his own eyes. . . . The marine observed details, later recording them in his sketch: The head was large in proportion, with a large head crest; the short “hind legs” were attached to the trailing part of the wings; the vertebrae were noticeable; the end of the tail had a “tuft of hair.” He recalls other days: exploring the coast, swimming with other marines and entering a cave filled with bats; he never again saw anything like those two pterosaurs. [by American nonfiction cryptozoology-book author Jonathan Whitcomb] Copyright © Jonathan David Whitcomb 2011 Eskin Kuhn was a U.S. Marine at the base at Guantanamo, Cuba, in 1971, when he saw, in clear daylight, two long-tailed “pterodactyls” flying at low elevation and at close range. A few others saw similar pterosaurs at Gitmo.