Eyewitness Testimonies Fly in the Face of Extinction From the cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America:  One critic . . . said, “Simply put, if pterosaurs where [meaning ‘were’] still around, they would be extremely obvious.” That sounds logical, except that it was a reply to a posting that included links to many web pages on eyewitness sightings: obvious pterosaurs. Behind this comment seems to be an example of circular reasoning . . . something like this: “Those persons could not have seen living pterosaurs because if pterosaurs were still living we would have seen them.” What prevents this restatement from being circular is the difference between “those persons” and “we.” So what makes persons who report seeing living pterosaurs different from the rest of us? (What distinguishes “those persons” from us?) It’s what they report, of course, and critics assume that something must be wrong with those eyewitness reports. So let’s see how this creates a circle: Live pterosaurs don’t exist because no normal person has reported one --> A person who reports one is abnormal, for live pterosaurs don’t exist. ^ Worse than worthless, [circular reasoning] misleads in giving a false impression of logic. [by American nonfiction author Jonathan Whitcomb] Gitmo Pterosaur of Eastern Cuba The U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn was taking a break, one clear day in 1971, in his area of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Eastern Cuba. He was shocked at what he saw flying just a little distance away and at low elevation: two long-tailed pterosaurs, flying gracefully along. Copyright © Jonathan David Whitcomb 2011