Flying Lights and Glowing Pterosaurs, Worldwide I interviewed Paul Nation in his home in Texas, soon after he had returned to the United States from his late-2006 expedition in Papua New Guinea. He was exhausted from jet lag, but he was kind enough to answer my questions while being videotaped (see photo on the left). He did not personally observe any clear features of anything like a living pterosaur, during his cryptozoological expedition deep in the mountainous jungles of the mainland of PNG. But Jacob Kepas, his interpreter, was able to climb up a cliff where he and a local native saw what appeared to be a giant winged creature sleeping on another cliff. What Paul Nation saw and videotaped was the glow of what seems to be the bioluminescence of two indavas. The two phenomena---giant flying creatures and flying lights---are connected, however, by several things, including eyewitness accounts of giant glowing flying creatures. On Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, in 2004, I interviewed several key eyewitnesses. One of them, Jonah Jim, had seen a giant flying creature (known as “ropen” on Umboi) one evening. The ropen was flying towards Lake Pung. How does that tie flying lights to live pterosaurs? He saw that the flying creature was glowing as it flew overhead. He is not alone in seeing that. A lady on a cruise ship saw two glowing pterosaurs in the Caribbean. [by American nonfiction author Jonathan Whitcomb] Paul Nation Videotaped Indavas Late in 2006, deep in the interior of the main- land of Papua New Guinea, Paul Nation, of Texas, was finally able to videotape two indava lights, as they were near the top of a ridge. It was just before they took off into the air that he recorded the two glowing objects, known by the local natives as “indava” lights. They are said to be large flying creatures. Copyright © Jonathan David Whitcomb 2011